Join Us

In 2018 we decided to launch a new business for people with challenging behaviours; we call this business ShopAbilities. People with challenging behaviours have been largely excluded from the labour market with an unemployment rate that is higher than that of other people without disabilities. Our goal at ShopAbilities is to provide job opportunities and training for people with challenging behaviours. Currently, we sell used books in our e-commerce site. Over time, our goal is to expand the product categories that we sell.

Join us by donating your used books, buy books from our store, tell your family and friends; feel good.

How Does ShopAbilities Work?

  • Provide paid job opportunities for people with challenging behaviours
  • Provide job training through our day program
  • Develop community partnerships
  • Deliver flyers to community members
  • Pick up used book donations
  • Sort and catalogue donations
  • Package books for sale
  • Ship books for sale